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What is documented/logged in the contact history?

The contact history makes it easy for you to track important processes with your customer. The history records chronologically events that took place with this contact. You can find it under PEOPLE > Select contact > History.

Automatic entries

The following events are automatically documented with a separate entry including date and time:

Contracts / Memberships

  • Change in receipt of contract, start of contract, due date, payment method, reminder level, price, attitude to additional service, discount, receipt of termination, end of contract, additional service and deletion of an additional service
  • Email sending of rest time confirmation, change to rest time, deletion of a rest time
  • Email sending to confirm receipt of a cancellation via app/customer center
  • Email dispatch of the cancellation confirmation including details on the content and end of the contract



  • Contact removed from appointment by employee
  • Appointment canceled by customer via app / customer center (no entry for cancellation waiting list place via app)
  • Email sending of appointment confirmation/appointment reminder/appointment confirmation waiting list
  • Customer books a place on the waiting list via the app or customer center (no entry when booking an appointment directly)
  • Email/SMS sent from appointment



  • Completion of a task


Data Protection

  • Printing of GDPR documents (where contact is assigned)



  • Entries from lead system



  • Email sending of the birthday email



  • Email sending of the invoice


Series function with entry at

  • “SMS message”
  • “App password sent by email” with a note that it was sent via serial function
  • “add to campaign” Email Sending for the campaign


Manual entries

You also have the option of creating your own entry in the history at any time and even attaching a PDF to it. To do this, you proceed as follows:

Add entry

Save entry

Upload PDF and save entry


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