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I want to test the software for 14 days. Do I have to cancel afterwards?

With us, everything is very relaxed. You are welcome to test OptiOffice for 14 days without any obligation and we do not result in a paid license. So you don't even have to quit if you don't want to continue.

If you want to continue after the test phase, you simply have to log in again after the test phase and confirm the paid version. Then you can continue working directly with the data you have already entered.

With us, even after activation - if you want - you will not be caught in a long contract, but can terminate with a notice period of one month. After all, we want to support you and not “capture” you.

If you need help setting up the first time or if you have any questions, please let us know. We can also help you import data from your existing contacts and memberships.

Have fun trying!

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