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Your own individual app in the app store

Would you like to present yourself professionally to the outside world? Then your own app should not be missing!

With OptiOffice you bring your company into the mobile world. We program your own IOS & Android app for you with your branding for the app store. OptiOffice then runs within your app and the customer downloads your app from the app store. Not the OptiOffice app like before.

The whole thing works with very low development costs of only €999 plus VAT. You save yourself expensive programming, which can quickly cost over €10,000.
Since the app in the app stores has to be maintained and updated by us from time to time, there is also a small service fee of €15 plus VAT per month.

8 good reasons why you should have an individual app:

  • Everyone has a smartphone
  • Expand your reach
  • Easy to use for the customer
  • Customers see your company's logo every day
  • More customer proximity and increased customer loyalty
  • Supports you in building your brand
  • Prestige and competitive advantage.

For programming we need your logo, pictures of your studio/services and description text for the app store. Here you can also find an explanatory video for the individual points: Explanatory video for individual customer app

Programming takes approximately 4 weeks. When the apps are available in the app stores depends on Google and Apple. Contact us and we will send you the order form. Simply fill it out, sign it and send it back to us. Then you can start straight away.


How does the app look like from the customer's point of view?

You can test what the app looks like from the customer's point of view. Please go to the OFFICE -> Settings area and then to “Online booking” in the menu. There you open "Customer Center / App", select any customer from the list and click the "TEST" button. Then the customer's view appears.

The colors (both of the fonts on the tiles and all buttons in the app) are taken from your logo.

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