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Packages and points cards

With this menu item (PERSONS -> Packages) you can overview and manage all of your customers' current packages.

You can get the following information about all packages at a glance:

  • When was the package assigned to the customer.
  • How long is the package valid?
  • How many units of the package are still open/how often can the customer train?


An export function is also available for you. With just one click you can easily download the current status of the packages in CSV format.

In addition to salutation, title, first name and last name, the following information is included in the file:

  • “Credit on” column = day on which the package or service was assigned to the contact
  • “Service” column = name of the individual service included in the package
  • Column “Or package” = information as to whether this package is a combination package (several services) with the selection “Service A OR B”, where both services cannot be used.
  • “Package name” column = name of the package
  • Column “Number of services” = number of individual services that are currently unused
  • “Validity” column = information until when the package credit is valid and can be used



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