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Deposit stationery

You can also store your stationery in OptiOffice. You can store 2 different layouts in total. After that you can assign one of these to the customer in the contact profile or simply set “no stationery”. If "no stationery" is set, the layout specified by OptiOffice is used.

You can find the setting under -> Office -> menu item "Settings" -> menu item "Textvorlagen“ <-

Please note the specifications for the format. You can find this information directly under the word "stationery".
-> JPG or PNG in DinA4 size (ideally with 300 DPI, i.e. 2480*3508 pixels resolution)


Stichwörter: Geschäftspapier, Businesspapier, Corporate Design, eigenes Design, Layout-Möglichkeiten, Design-Vorlagen

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