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Differenz of the calories information in the recipes.

We have already adjusted the rounding value to the maximum in the programming so that the information can be calculated realistically. We can't adjust the value any further, because then we would have information like 1.3 grams of pepper. This is not a value that can be used in a recipe by the customer. Therefore there will always be a rounding difference.

Bei manchen Rezepten ist es so, dass ein Lebensmittel (Brot-Scheibe) eingegeben ist. Eine Slice is not an "adaptable" food. Since all foods need to be adjusted to realistic percentages, these need to be created in a percentage calculable unit, such as grams. This unit is much smaller and can therefore be rounded more accurately.

When you create the recipes, it is important to decide whether this information can be "reasonably" increased or decreased as a percentage. Only if specifications such as grams etc. verwendet werden, sind die Quantities customizable.

Stichwörter: Rezeptmengen, Kalorien, Mengeneinheit, Rezeptanlage, Rundungen, Rezepteinheiten

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