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Can I collect more than one payment cycle in one Sepa file?

Kann ich mehrere Monats- oder Wochen-Zahlungen (Beitragszyklen) mit einer Sepa-Datei einziehen?


If you have in the contract under "Payment" e.g. -> "Direct debit all": "1 month" <- then you can only collect the amount for one month per Sepa file.

-> If the customer has to pay e.g. another 2 months, the amount will not be added up and collected in one Sepa file.
First create a Sepa file and carry out the 3 steps (1st download file, 2nd upload to the bank, 3rd mark as paid). After that, the due date jumps forward one month. Then create a Sepa file again and carry out the 3 steps. Then the due date jumps forward one month. Now you have the payments up to date again.

An exception is made for the starter packages and additional services. These are always added to the next due payment and debited the next time you "collect money".


Stichwörter: Sepazahlungen, Sepa einziehen, Geld einziehen, mehrere Zyklen, mehrere Monate einziehen, mehr als einen Beitrag per Sepa einziehen, Beitragszyklus, abbuchen, Bankeinzug, Lastschrifteinzug

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