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Is there a control for door openers?

Yes, OptiOffice supports all common door openers. Most of them are supplied with 12 volts DC voltage. You can hear the typical buzzing like you know from front doors that are operated by intercom.

Our control module for door openers consists of the following components:

  • completely preconfigured Blackbox (Control module for controlling a door)
  • the associated power supply for power supply
  • the required software for communication with OptiOffice (already installed by us on the control module)

You also need the following components:

  • Network cable to connect the control module to your router
  • the electronic door buzzer/door opener (in the door itself)
  • If necessary, card reader: RFID radio card reader / QR code or barcode reader (even without a card reader you can unlock the door with the OptiOffice customer app)


The following QR readers are compatible with OptiOffice:
Folgende RFID-Lesegeräte sind mit OptiOffice kompatibel:
Folgende Magnetkarten-Lesegeräte sind mit OptiOffice kompatibel:

As soon as the module arrives, do the following:

1) Unpack and check for damage
2) Connect the black box (control module) to the Internet using a network cable. The router must distribute IP addresses via DHCP (this is usually the case).
3) If desired, connect the card reader via USB. All technologies (RFID radio cards/radio chips, magnetic cards, barcodes, QR codes) are supported
4) Only now connect the power! The control module starts automatically.

Detailed instructions are also included with each control module.

If it only needs to be one door, then we charge a one-time fee for the control module 1.299€ netThere is also a monthly service fee of 10€ net.
Falls du zwei Türen ansteuern möchtest, benötigst du eine weitere Blackbox von uns.

In the OFFICE -> Settings -> Studio -> Check-In area you can then specify who should have access and when check-in will be possible:

When it comes to the electronic door buzzer / door opener, it would be advisable to measure the lock on your door. Here are examples of electronic door openers:
Door opener 250mm: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00LHXGIA0
Door opener 250mm: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00LM565EW


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