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OptiOffice's statistics differ from the tax consultant's BWA!

Since the memberships are included in the statistics depending on the due date, different numbers come out and this of course differs from the tax consultant's BWA.

Perhaps the following procedure will help you further:
-You can filter invoices by month, year and “paid” status. This will give you the gross income for your desired month.

-At cash register, you can see your monthly income from the cash register in the “Income” column in the cash book.

-Member bookings can be found in the Sepa log of your direct debits and you will also receive your income from the membership fees there.

If you add up these three areas and you get the total gross amount of your income for the respective month.
This means you are able to get closer to the tax of consultant's BWA figures.

OptiOffice is an administration and support program. Unfortunately, we cannot yet get the exact evaluations of an accounting program.

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