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How do I set up PayPal?

How do I create my PayPal?

1 . Paste the url: https://developer.paypal.com/home

2. Log in.


3. Click on the menu item "My Apps and Credentials".

4. Change the button to "Live" if it is not already.

5. Click the "Create App" button.


6. Enter a name for the app. e.g. OptiOffice

7. Click the "Create App" button again. -> that can take a moment.


8. The generated client ID now appears. You can now copy this and paste it into OptiOffice in the area -> Office -> Settings -> Online shop -> Payments -> Paypal Client-ID <- and save it.


9. If you now click on "My Apps and Credentials", ->

10. -> the app you have created is displayed in an overview.



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