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Do I get a license agreement from OptiOffice?

With us, everything is very relaxed. After the test phase, you had to confirm the paid version when you logged in. With this you have agreed to our terms and conditions and can continue working directly with the data you have already entered.

With us, even after activation - if you want - you will not be caught in a long contract, but can terminate with a notice period of one month. After all, we want to support you and not “capture” you. The contract is, so to speak, the confirmation of the terms and conditions, you can download it from our website https://optioffice.net/agb/ .
However, this is not necessary as the license invoices are sufficient for tax advisors.

You can find the license invoices in the Office -> Settings -> Studio -> tab “License” -> My invoices
You can conveniently download and print out the invoices.

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