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Linking services correctly for the appointment check

In order for the TerminCheck to be able to bill correctly, you have to assign the same service to your appointment types, memberships and packages. Exactly the same service must be linked so that the connection is clear for the software. It is not enough (which is often a mistake.) if the service is only given the same name. This can lead to incorrect billing.

For explanation:
The linchpin in OptiOffice is the automatic billing through the appointment check, which saves you a lot of time. The appointment check checks which service is stored in an appointment type and should be billed.

There can be three variants of billing:
1) The customer has a membership that includes this service. Can be billed. Great!
2) If the customer does not have a membership, does he perhaps have a 10-card for this service? If so, one of them will be billed.
3) If the customer has neither a membership nor a 10-card, then he will be automatically billed by invoice for the service from the appointment.

OptiOffice does this fully automatically for each appointment and each participant when you perform the appointment check.

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