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I accidentally deleted data. What can I do here?

During the deletion process, there is always a message as to whether you really want to delete this data. If you confirm the deletion, the data is of course gone for the time being.

The good news! If necessary, we can search for and restore the data from one of the backups.
Since we cannot restore the entire backup (this would also overwrite any other data that may have been newly entered.) we have to specifically search the database for exactly the accidentally deleted data. Unfortunately, this can only be done manually.
For us, this usually means a work of 1-2 hours. This is an effort that we cannot do for free. We would charge you €100 net per hour for this.
If you want us to do that, send us an email to mail@optioffice.de.

Please consider whether it's worth it to you and let us know if you want us to undo it.


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