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Email sending limit

Depending on the e-mail provider/server and the contract with your provider, the sending of collective e-mails/bulk e-mails is limited. You can top up your contract with most email providers. (With IONOS, this costs €5/month, for example. Then you can send as many emails as you want from their server.)

Daher haben wir keinen Einfluss darauf, was dein SMTP / E-Mailanbieter für ein Limit bei deinem Vertrag zur Verfügung stellt. Des weiteren dürften wir diese Limitierung deines SMTP nicht einfach umgehen (das ist technisch auch nicht möglich). -> Das wäre so, als würden wir dir einfach 4 GB/Monat Datenvolumen freischalten, obwohl dein Handyvertrag nur 3GB/Monat beinhaltet. <-

A program like the one you mentioned will possibly solve it by collecting the mails and then sending them off one by one (principle of a queue). With many customers and many mails, this can mean that the mails only arrive after days. However, this also includes the appointment confirmations, which of course does not make sense at all.

From experience with over hundreds of studios, newsletters, campaigns, etc. cannot be used 100% with a limited shipping limit.

We therefore recommend:
Book a package without a limit (simply research your provider or ask if they offer something like this) or change providers.




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