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When it comes to contracts, what is the difference between limits based on appointment type or based on service?

Every studio handles the limits differently. This allows you to predefine a limit on the units for a membership.

The difference is quite simply this:
Limits based on services are very flexible. Performance is the linchpin for billing. As soon as the appointment has taken place, the customer will be billed for the linked service. Either by contract, package or invoice.

Contracts with appointment types:
We have also developed limits according to appointment types. This makes it a little easier to set which appointment types the customer can use and how often.

Here, the number of permitted appointments can vary for each appointment type. E.g.:
2x EMS cardio per month
3x EMS power per week

This is not possible with service limits.

Contracts with services:

An example of this:
The customer may use 52x personal training per calendar year.

The setting for this:
Limit: 52x per calendar year
Assign service: Personal Training
-> OptiOffice automatically calculates that the customer may use 52x personal training.


Please note that if there are differences between the initial term and the automatic extension in the contract, this can lead to problems with the limitation. We recommend setting the terms of the same length if a limit is to be set according to the term or calendar year. If you enter different terms, the limitation should not go beyond the period of the shortest term.



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