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Difference: terminate contract and terminate contract without notice

Your customers can also terminate their contracts themselves, for example by clicking on “Contracts” in the app or in the customer center.
There the customer can choose between "Terminate the contract without notice" and "Terminate the contract" .

The difference is that at

  • "Terminate the contract without notice" -> the date of "today" is entered.
    The customer did click the button "contract terminate without notice“. Thus, the date of the day on which the button was clicked is entered as the termination date. However, the correctness of the termination must first be checked and confirmed by the trainer. This is also indicated in the automatic mail to the customer.
    Text from the email: We would like to point out that this confirmation of termination was generated immediately in accordance with legal requirements, i.e. without checking its completeness or correctness.Only if the trainer has checked the cancellation is it effective.
    This type of termination is required by law and must be available to the customer.
  • "Terminate the contract" -> the end of the contract is calculated with the notice period and entered in the mail.

Stichwörter: Kündigung, Mitgliedschaft, Vertragsauflösung, fristlose Kündigung, fristgerechte Kündigung, Kündigungsbutton

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